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LY-Z22 thickener (associative alkali-soluble swelling thickener)



LY-Z22 Anionic hydrophobic modified alkali-soluble associative swelling thickener, is an acrylic-acrylate copolymer emulsion.?Can be used as the preferred thickener for waterborne coatings, can effectively improve the viscosity and rheology of coating.?Can be widely used in paper coating coatings, water-based architectural coatings and other water-based paint.?

LY-Z22 thickener owns low viscosity, strong thickening performance, can effectively improve the rheological properties and leveling of the coating and so on.?
The use of LY-Z22 thickeners in coatings provides the following benefits:?
- improve the rheology and fluidity of the coating - improve the opening effect (for commercial coatings)?
- stability to microbes and enzyme stabilization - improved resistance to splash

Technical index:




Milky white liquid

Solid content,%


Viscosity, mPa.s


PH value


Thickness, mPa.s


Chemical type



Application field
Paper coating, building water-based paint,
Water-based adhesives, water-based inks, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic or natural latex thickeners; pigments, abrasives and other solid particles as suspending agent; where the natural thickener can be used instead of this product.


one to two times the product was diluted with water, was added under stirring system to be thickened, and then with ammonia or PH adjusting agent to pH 8-9 and, i.e., distinct thickening effect.?
The amount of LY-Z22 associative alkali swelling thickener can be selected according to the thickness required by the us

Packaging and storage?
1 ton or 200 kg plastic drum, can also be customized according to customer requirements; transport as non-dangerous goods.

Shelf life 6 months since the date of manufacture

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