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LY-G37 film release agent



This product is used in the production of rubber products from the role of anti-sticking isolation.?For Rubber processin, due to the rubber after the stacking of laminated layers under the pressure, causing film layer bonding phenomenon, so after the end of the kneading in the plastic surface coated with a layer of release agent, can effectively prevent the film from adhesion, to facilitate the follow-up processing of products.


LY-G37 film release agent is paste with high-grade fatty acid salt as the main component

Technical index:


Gray paste

Solid content,%


PH value



Dispersed in any proportion of water


Instructions for use:

The product is diluted with water in the appropriate proportion, the use of mechanical mixing fully dispersed evenly.?And then with the impregnation operation, or spraying operation, applied to the surface of the film, after drying to form a thin film to prevent the adhesion between the film, play a very good isolation effect.?
After the film is immersed in the release agent, the air-dried film is not attached to the white powder, and the sheet is used for the adhesive film.?
This product is used as a release agent, the physical properties of the compound, aging, wear, heat and other properties without any adverse effects.?
This product recommended Duishui ratio of 1:10, for different types of plastic and air temperature ratio can be adjusted accordingly.

Packaging and storage:

0L, 100L open barrel packaging.?
The product should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse and should be protected from freezing or sun exposure for long time.?
Shelf life is 12 months.

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